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Cologne Mythological Network

After a preparatory meeting in February 2019, the international research group "Cologne Mythological Network" was established with the aim of bringing together scholars with different academic backgrounds who share a common interest in myth and mythology. 

The first outcome of the group’s work has been the research seminar series Ancient Myths in Modern Art: Comparative Perspectives on Micro- and Macro-Structures, organized by Prof. Anna Bonifazi (Discourse Studies) and Prof. Joachim Harst (Comparative Literature), and the Cologne Mythological Workshop (Jan 2022), organized by Riccardo Ginevra and Gabriele Schimmenti. Both events have not only brought together speakers from different departments of the University of Cologne, but also from other academic institutions in Cologne, as well as from other parts of Germany and Europe. 

The group is currently planning further events dealing with myth and mythology, maintaining its highly interdisciplinary perspective and international character; anyone interested in past and future activities and events may contact Riccardo Ginevra and Gabriele Schimmenti, coordinators of the group.


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